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2019 Lower Mainland Softball Committee Executive
Chairman Kevin Langley Kevin Langley
Vice Chairman Al Groff Al Groff
Treasurer Katrina Lahti
Disciplinary Chair Harvey Coxson Harvey Coxson
Media and Website Kevin Langley Kevin Langley


About the LMSC

Purpose: At the Feb 2006 President’s meeting a committee was struck made up of 2 representatives from each district in the Lower Mainland. This committee (Lower Mainland Softball Committee) was to look at ways to bring structure and meaning back into the Interlock Rep League season in the hopes of making it easier for scheduling, umpiring and field allocation while increasing the enjoyment and development of all participants in the 2006 season.  The committee presented the 2006 season in review to the 2007 Presidents Meeting and the committee was ratified as a standing committee.

Committee Structure and voting rules: The board of the committee is made up of a Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Treasurer, and Disciplinary Chairperson. Each position is for a one-year term, and election will be held at the first meeting of the season, usually held in November.

  •  Each district has two voting representatives on the committee. The rep associations in each district are responsible for appointing their representatives and ensuring that they attend committee meetings. A district may also send observers to a meeting but no district can ever have more than two votes. When a district has more than two representatives at a meeting, they must announce at the start of the meeting which two representatives will have voting power.
  • A quorum of 7 voting representatives must be present for any elections or motions to be made.
  • The chairman may only vote if attending as a voting representative for a district.
  • All election and non-rule or structure related motions require a 50% + 1 vote to pass.
  • Motions for rule changes or changes to the committee structure require a 2/3 majority to pass.

Committee Board Member Responsibilities:

Chairperson Oversee the operation of the league. Call committee meetings, oversee the
scheduling process, chair committee meetings, chair interlock meetings.
Vice-Chairperson Communication with district reps, take the minutes for each meeting,
assist the chairman with operation of the league. Chair any meetings where the chairman is
unable to attend.
Treasurer Oversee the finances of the committee. Collects and holds all performance
bond cheques, and cash cheques as directed by the Disciplinary chair. Make payments as
directed by the chairman or disciplinary chair.
Disciplinary Chairperson (DC) Responsible for receiving and investigating any
complaints in regards to LMSC rule infractions. The DC will decide if the complaints has
grounds and then form a neutral review board, comprising of the DC and 2 impartial
members of the Lower Mainland Softball Committee to review and apply disciplinary action.

Graduated Performance Bonds: Each team is required to submit 3 Performance Bond cheques (dated April 1st, 2018) made out to the Lower Mainland Softball Committee (LMSC) in the amounts of $50.00, $100.00, $150.00. Refer to Rule #12 as to how these cheques are handled.

The intent of this policy is to ensure all teams play all games in all districts, and ensure proper notice is given so associations can effectively manage umpires and field resources. These cheques will be held and ripped up upon completion of the season.  Incidents which may result in the cashing of these cheques include short notice of cancellation, insufficient reason for cancelling a game or repeated cancellations.  In the event of a dispute over a cancellation, all incidents are to be reported to the LMSC Disciplinary Chairperson. The chairperson forwards an incident report to the newly appointed Lower Mainland Softball Conflict Resolution Committee. This impartial committee will rule on the incident. If upheld the $50 cheque will be cashed for the first incident, the $100 cheque for the second incident and the $150 cheque for the third incident. The offended Association in question will receive the funds to offset costs incurred by untimely cancellation or chronic no shows.

LMSC Disciplinary Chairperson: Harvey Coxson (email) will be responsible for forming a neutral review board comprising of the Chairperson and 2 impartial members of the Lower Mainland Softball Committee to review and apply disciplinary action on incidents brought forward by the League Chairperson.

Standardized League Rules: All leagues will have one set of standardized rules to govern the play in their league. These standardized rules are intended to provide clarity and understanding, but still allow coaches the flexibility to play the game in a style necessary to support the development of their players. Please refer to Standardized League Rules for a complete set of those standardized rules .  These rules can not be altered.  If a league finds these Interlock Rules lack something specific to their league, a new rule may be added if it is voted on by the teams in attendance at the Interlock meeting.  Any vote must receive a 2/3 majority to pass.  One vote is allowed per team in attendance.

Standings: Standings will be kept for all division. Scores or cancellations must be posted on the LMSC website by Sunday midnight the week of the scheduled game, by the home team.  Failure of the home team to post scores and cancellations will be subject to the cashing of performance bond cheques.