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Note to All Teams

Please ensure that you have submitted all your game results/scores as soon as possible and that the ones that are posted are accurate.  The rainouts in the earlier part of the season have been a challenge, as usual.  A big thank you to those that have kept us honest and pointed out when we have ‘occasionally’ reversed a score (it was unintentional – really!).

If you don’t know how to check your scores or are technology ‘shy’ (averse, challenged, a luddite), then please send us an email.  we enjoy hearing from you –

Good luck to all those that are starting their District play-downs this weekend.


Overheard in an After Game Chat recently:

A  grandfather had come to watch and support his granddaughter play a rep game of fastpitch.  As he was leaving the park and buoyed by the 17 to 0 victory that his daughter’s team had just handed to a younger team, he happened to overhear the winless coach trying to put the game into perspective for her young players, “That is how ball is suppose to be played. They hit, caught and out threw us and you will be doing just the same next season…..” The grandfather, impressed by the coach’s attitude, smiled at the thought that his granddaughter had been in that very same place the previous year.

A BIG thank you to all the great coaches who support and inspire kids to become great players and also great people!

– ed.

Individual Game Scores


You can check individual game scores by going to >SCHEDULE>GAME WEEK OR TEAM QUERY>[YOUR DIVISION] QUERY and then under [Choose Team] select YOUR TEAM from the drop down box and press ‘Show’.

This will bring up all the games for your team and the individual scores. Please let us know if there are any changes >>> LMS Support.

LMS Support